Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Apatani language appears on Free Language website

“Let us save Tanii” has recently been included in the Free Language list of learning language blogs. Free Language is a well known website whose aim is to “document and categorize quality available resources for learning languages" (such as English, Hindi and many more..). Most of these resources are free, and it is nice to see Apatani (Tanii agung) appear on this website. Here is their comment : Save Tanii Language Blog and Website

Save Tanii Logo

"Got an email the other day from the person that runs the Save Tanii Website.

It is, indeed, a sad thing to lose a language. I wish the best to this project and hope that it succeeds in bringing some attention to the language and culture of the Apatani people."

Thanks to the author of this post.


AG said...

Hey! nice to know that...keep up the good work.

NPR said...

Thanks.....u guys also can post something good on Ziro and Tanii. This blog is open to all who are concerned about the preservation of own culture,traditions and heritage.