Sunday, May 6, 2012


                                                                    EYU GANIIN
              In Tanii beliefs, EYU usually affects the human being –specially the children by causing them to loss appetites, weaknesses/tiredness and slow in growth. Whenever any children are affected, it is being indicated by child’s wish to have food from particular household.
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            From my childhood, I have faded memory of EYU GANIIN incident. Once my maternal uncle’s (AKU’s) wife (ATA) performed the ritual of the EYU GABI for me. On the day of EYU GABIINI, I remember having tasty morning meal at their home and at the end of ritual I was given some gift along with the TAKI ANII (leaf of ginger), that’s all I can recall.
                  Though scientifically, there may be no correlation between one’s loss in appetite and tiredness to EYU GANIIN and EYU GABINII ritual. In Tanii mythological beliefs, it is believed that EYU is caused by the malevolent god named KOLYUNG EYU-which interfere the growth process of child by making him to loss appetites, weakness and resulting into stunted growth.


GT said...

nice post-thanks for reminding me of nice little (forgotten) traditional practice...

what about writting IYU GANIIN instead of EYU GANIIN?

happy to see you active again.

NPR said...

Hi GT,
After long time... Thanks for your nice comment. I think its EYU 'E' of Europe than 'I' of Iron. In another way it could also be written as "I" of Itanagar rather 'E' of Egg. It is little confusing one. Thus, I will go with E of Europe :)