Monday, January 21, 2008


Simi nunu chinsu du ha????
Billo anyan ho siisi ka niti dro-yasi si Tanii lemba ho nyimatii. Hiika anyan ho, miyu ka alo mi miikhiisiilyi ho lemba daka yapa atan hii puwa ka asi mi rutenyatii. Puwa asi kapalyi ho, hiiko hoka puwa ajan donii mi latu lala molu ka ale/ali mi tatu tela hiira pakii lyi asi ho atii tiiku biku ko, lonye-lohin ka hiiba ho puwa asi ho dro chikan bate-bala pai kapu hokii puwa lu bolii bii yuke. Hiika pai kapu dro mi alo miikhii siinin ka ayo ho nelii siiko ho ano nyibya lada hemiyo ku yuke. Siika pai chikan dri simi ngunu Tanii miyu lu si ludu nii-puwa yapun ago hokii bolii bii yuke. Hiimii miyu ami lo kapa lama.

Do you know this ???
In olden days the modern medical facilities were not available in the vicinity of Ziro. During those days when a person got injured or fractured a bone, people resorted to hunting a crow's nest. On finding one newly hatched offspring of crow they used to injure its legs and wings, and then left it in the nest. After four-five days, the paste of "medicine" which was found in the nest was collected and applied on the injured portion of the patient's body, who used to get cured thereof. But it was not known from where those paste (medicine) was collected by crows. It was believed that that the birds flew high above the sky beyond the sight of human eye and collected it from there. Doesn't this sound interesting ????

Source : RANTH-PIGEH, Short story-I, by Er. Hage Pilliya, B.E.(CIVIL)


wiian said...

Funny and interesting. I never heard of this one before but I choose to believe there's some truth in the story.

NPR said...

Ha ha first I found it very surprising too. This is the documentataion that I have found in Ranth-Pigeh. This might have happened in olden days as I remember some old folks believing in te left over of hens with healing effect for some wounds.

speechmaker said...

wow! nice one u got here. always amazes me how less i know of our rich traditions and beliefs.. would really like to help out someone write a better book than the ones already done out.

lemme know if you plan to any time, am ready with all the operational and financial help i can get you..also any contacts i might have.

keep up with the goof work

NPR said...

Thanks for ur comment. This is a little trial to share the unknown and almost forgotten facts amongs Tanii youths who are using internet in daily life.At the moment I am busy with my own occupation and to be frank, in future I might definitely like to join peoples with the similar kind of interests.My blog is nothing professional here...its only a trial to share my own Tanii knowledges with all tanii brethens.

Moli said...

Nice one