Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ngiika Ane (My mother)



Lakhii lyi hoka yamu pahu giinii,
Haya lyi hoka pila khiibii nii;
Khelyi hoka myanii,
Ngarkalyi ho ka api-ara pikin nii;
Ngiimi ka sangii nii, ngiimi ka lyangii nii,
Ngiimi ka dirii–hulo bulyin giinii;
Ngiika ANE-Chantu ane.

Aji hokii tasin babi bo hii,
Yolu hokii tanyi babi bo hii;
Myoko hoka kaji khiibi bo hii,
Dree hoka taku babi bo hii-
Ngiimi ka sangii nii, ngiimi ka lyangii nii,
Ngiimi ka dirii–hulo bulying giinii;
Ngiika ANE-Chantu ane.

Miikhalyi ho ka ganii,
Henkhalyi ho ka tonser nii;
Hadiilyi ho ka yanii,
Tumalyi ho ka yalo nii;
Ngiimi ka sangii nii, ngiimi ka lyangii nii,
Ngiimi ka dirii –hulo bulying giinii;
Ngiika ANE-Chantu ane.

Ane kapu hokii kapama,
Ane hempu hokii hempama,
Ane niimi ngo kalyu lakinma,
Ane niimi ngo helyu lakingma.
Ngiimi ka sangii nii, ngiimi ka lyangii nii,
Ngiimi ka dirii–hulo bulyin giinii;
Ngiika ANE-Chantu ane.


EmoreL said...

Hey, just to tell... Your blog is really insightful about the Apatani culture. Probably, the only one of its kind... Keep up the good work.
like the portraits of Poetry section too, but couldn't make out the essence of the Poem(and how would I ?).


NPR said...

Hi Emorel,
Thanks for ur compliments. This is only a trial to bring out my Apatani knowledges being born as apatani as well as from the books that I have read on the same. This poem is all about mother and I tried to recollect my memories of childhood when mothers of the village side use to return home with a lots of new stuffs(mostly eadible) from their long day works at paddy field.

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Moli said...

Only if I knew Apatani
I just know 'Aya do'

jarjum said...

Highly commendable ! The younger generation of all the tribes of Arunachal must take such initiatives.
Al ru do !!
Jarjum Ete

NPR said...

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I will be the happiest if our work could motivate my fellow brothers/sisters of AP.

prava said...

what is the meaning of this poem????why don't you give english meaning???

the chinkiez said...

hey... m quite unsure bout how exactly did i come across dis blog but i tell u its really nice of u to hv thought bout it...guess u'r really good @ speaking 'Tanii' up d good work...we really need somebody like u to inspire us...

PB said...

Thanks, and do visit this link also :

the chinkiez said...

have checked the other site too.. it's quite good and helpful..thanks.

Millo Tago said...

Beautiful blog. Keep updating. More emphasis may be given how to development apatani language by posting some questions and queez.

Millo Tago

NPR said...

@Tago Sir,
Thanks a lot for visiting our blog as well as for your valuable advice, we will try to keep it up.