Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Myoko Event: JILO MADU DU

MYOKO Events
Event name : JILO MADU (Day 1)
SAMA PIDU is the formal inauguration of MYOKO by Hosting village, with this event visiting of BUNWNG AJINGs begins. In olden days one BULYANG representative goes to guests' villages to inform them about formal inaugural of MYOKO and also to invite all BULYANGs at particular RIICHA UDE. This invitation process is called JILO MADUDU in Apatani and this event takes place on the same day as SAMA PIDU (i.e. 20 of March).
*SAMA PIDU= Formal inauguration of MYOKO by Myoko Priest.
*BUNWNG AJINGs: Customary inherited or self proclaimed friends from neighbouring APATANI villages.
*BULYANGs: Village councillors of our DEMOCRATIC (customary) Apatani system of governance.
*RIICHA/RWCHA UDE: House for gathering of invitee BULYANGs (house of particular BULYANG of the host village). Literally speaking RWCHA means to roost together.
Note:Man in the image is only for representative purpose, he may not be the actual BULYANG.
Image courtesy: travelbuds

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