Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tanii beads-2 : lebu or Carnelian beads

Carnelian and agate beads are used by Taniis to make only one type of necklace, which is also their longest necklace. It is known as lebu tasan and consists mostly of a single row of such beads. Its very typical colour, reddish orange shades, is due to iron oxide contained in the stones which may have bandings. Some of them can also be translucent or opaque. The carnelian and agate beads worn by the Taniis are not always faceted, but those who are are mostly hexagonal. Rectangular beads seem to be rare.

Several shapes and apparences are distinguished :
  • lebu : long hexagonal carnelian or agate bead which gives its name to the necklace. The biggest pair, or the biggest ones, are positioned at the bottom part.
  • gara or garya : short cylindrical non-faceted carnelian or agate bead. Mostly used as spacers between lebu beads.
  • yasi lebu : translucent carnelian or agate bead. Possibly also crystal in some cases.
  • rinyo lebu : diamond shape bead, usually positioned towards the middle section of the row.



rinyo lebu

yasi lebu


GT said...

hi PB,
these series of Tanii beads are yet another excellent jobs that you have been doing through your blogs over the years. please keep up your good jobs

Riilang said...

Your contribution toward preserving "tanii" will be remembered and recognized. Impressive, keep it up !

PB said...

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