Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ziro from another angle

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We are all too familiar with GoogleEarth or Yahoo Maps.... A recent release from the Department of Geography at California State University provides another view of the plateau, showing the way Ziro is enclosed in its green mountainous setting and separated from the Brahmaputra valley. Just imagine when people had to travel sometimes down to the plain on foot in search for salt or iron blades...The original picture is larger, and part of a photographic collection entitled Himalaya Atlas of Aerial Panoramas - Vol I. The series offers some fantastic views of the Himalayan barrier from Uttar Pradesh to the Lohit Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. They are not aerial photos in the true sense, but a photorealistic work obtained from computer mapping. One can only regret, perhaps, some of their denominations such as 'Dafla hills' or Miri Hills' which are outdated... Anyway, hats off !


Buru said...

as far as I can see this photo is same as that of Google, maybe with added labels.
Indeed Google Earth is waay superior than this map as using the ' terrain ' option you can look ' into' Ziro from any angle, height or direction and also determine the altitude of each mountain!
The rounded valley seen to southeast of Ziro is Talley Valley; the river valley seen between Ziro & Talley is Pangey river valley( very narrow one).To east of Talley you can see Singit river, which flows out to Assam.
The irregular valley to southwest of Ziro I suppose is Mengio area.

wiian said...

google earth indeed does a good job of rendering the topography of a region.

Nonetheless, a good find. and it inspired me to make this video. :)