Sunday, June 17, 2007


Dates from my mother till my generation, time has been witnessed lots of changes in the surrounding.Particularly the custom, culture and tradition of people around the ZIRO plateau has been changed to a great extent. The tremendous modernizations in culture, custom and tradition have been taken place. As a result today the most serious problem we are facing is that young generation of the modern days are facing difficulty in understanding our own tradition, which creates a big communication gap between the people of old generation and the people of new generation. MODERNISATION is leading us to new track and new life style, bringing drastic different atmosphere of life.

Now time has come for new generation Apatani people ( or Tanii) of Ziro plateau to take serious decision about preserving our identity,custom,culture and tradition. I don't mean that we lost our track,but it has been seen that modernisation is effecting our life.We have to help ourselves.Thus, the best thing to save our Tanii culture is to teach and learn Apatani (Tanii) everyday. Let us share our Apatani knowledge and let us save Tanii.


Tara Dagium said...

thanks you think much about your community.

Tara Dagium said...

the people of the modern generation especially the educated must be mobilised so that the demise of our own cullture and tradition should not be seen in the future

Tara Dagium said...

as far as your blog is concern, better not to write the content in full capital letters. as far as i am concerned as a reader, i find it difficult to read and visibility is concerned.

Nani Riniyo said...

@ tara,
Thanks bro,i tried to follow ur i have changed the capital letters into smaller...i hope its more visible by now.

juha said...

Nice endeavour.Its good to see that young generation peoples are using modern technology to spread out the message of" preserving their own culture and idendity".
although I have been also using net for long time but I never had the idea to write such matters, though tried in, but it was largely concerned with gain in fiancially.
Nice one, just keep posting.
- Haju Tali